Friends of Verità: Malaika DosRemedios


We’ve connected with thousands of friends over our seven year history and each has an intriguing story to tell about living and working in Vermont. In our inaugural installment of “Friends of Verità,” we sat down for a chat with a long-time friend, Malaika DosRemedios. Malaika has been a friend of the restaurant since before we opened in 2012 and has been visiting ever since. So without further ado, meet Malaika DosRemedios!

PV: How did you come to know Pizzeria Verità?

MDR: A friend of mine who is friends with John asked me to come by as it was not even open yet and I got to help create and taste the gluten-free dough you were experimenting with at the time. Now it’s one if my most favorite places to visit and I just love coming there with friends. It is a special night out when I get to go there and I always look forward to all of the yummy pizza and salad options, specialty cocktails, and ambiance. I just love the friendly staff too!

PV: So what do you do for a living?

MDR: I teach the practice of yoga full-time in the Burlington, Vermont area and around the world as a traveling teacher. I lead classes, workshops and teacher trainings at local studios, offices, parks, events and privately.

PV: What yoga discipline do you specialize in and what makes it unique?

MDR: I specialize in the Tantric Tradition of Hatha Yoga. I believe it is each teacher’s knowledge and understanding of the practice that makes it unique as many teachers give and share the tools of yoga and their understanding form their lens and view.

I try to lead with the intent that yoga is for everyone. I offer ways to modify postures, giving examples of going deeper if we listen and our bodies allow, and if not, knowing that it’s ok to back off a bit. Yoga should feel good. "Come as you are, you are welcome here" is my approach. There is something for you here, and trying is the first step.

PV: You mentioned teaching around the world —

MDR: Yes! In fact, this spring I’ll be leading a yoga retreat in Tuscany. After a long winter in Vermont, I feel as though people are ready for the bloom of spring — and springtime in Tuscany is gorgeous, gardens of flowers are blooming, it’s cooler in the morning and evening and in the high 70s during the day. There is so much color and life that it is a perfect place to welcome spring and move out of our winter. You do not need any yoga experience to join. All yoga and meditation/Yoga Nidra classes are optional and for all levels, and groups of friends, families, couples and singles are all are welcome.

PV: Wow, so what does a typical day on this trip look like?

MDR: A typical day involves waking up to coffee/tea and fruit served on the outdoor terrace, then walking down the beautiful stone stairway to the yoga shala for morning practice. It is followed by a delicious spread at breakfast, some down time and then off to a nearby city village for a 1/2 day or full-day excursion: to Chianti for a private wine tasting and lunch, to the ancient Etruscan town of Cortona, or a full-day to the nearby city of Siena.  Our final day is spent in the kitchen with the lovely chef at Casanuova participating in an authentic Tuscan cooking lesson — and of course we sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labor paired with a glass or two of the estate’s own organic wine.

PV: We have to ask: what’s your favorite pizza?

Ohhh that is a tough one. I love them all! It depends on my mood:) or who I am with and what they are willing to share! Top 3: Margherita, Mais, Capricciosa

For more on Malaika’s Under the Tuscan Sun yoga retreat, check out her website.